Time Of Life (lyrics)

This is probably the most depressing song I have ever written, as it addresses the realities of growing old. No happy ending here. The music is punk/metal influenced – I’m not familiar enough with Death Metal to be able to compose in that genre, but it would fit well if I could, I think. The idea is that an old man gets deluded by the attentions of a much younger girl. She, of course, dumps him, and he is left to face up to the realities – that he is way past his peak, and nothing can stop the inevitable decline.

To balance this, I’m now going to have to write a song which emphasises the good bits about growing  old, if I can think of any. Otherwise I’ll need to up the Prozac prescription.

Time of Life. 

It is clear. I’m not here. No body and no mind.
A shadow. Fading fast.  Nearly forgotten. Free at last.
No replies. Not at home. Deleted number on your phone.
No pretence.  No defence. No affection. Total rejection.

I remember times we had.
Was it really oh so bad?
Now there’s nothing I can do.
I am really dead to you.

So she took your soul and she made you cry
What did you expect at your time of life?
At your time of life.

I’m eccentric. But not a freak. I’m a one man clique.
I am honest. I’m not a clown. Still I'm sorry. I let you down.

Now laugh in the face of fools.
Be considerate but be cool.
No love nor sympathy.
You are really dead to me.

When you’re hurting bad, nearing judgement day.
You’ll forget it all as you fade away.
As you fade away.

So you lost all hope when you heard her lie,
What did you expect at your time of life?
At your time of life.