David J Lambert
The idea for QWT was conceived by David, and he is involved with technical areas, plus the video and audio mixing.

David would like to give many thanks to the following, whose efforts and commitment  helped realise this project:

Gill Lambert
Gill handles most of the programming and stage design, and on concert evenings also is involved with camera and lighting set-up

Carola Baer
Carola handles the band liaison prior to and after the concerts, and acts as joint hostess on the concert evenings.

Berni Hunt
Berni provides technical know-how and is involved with the sound mixing and camerawork.

Dave Salsbury
Dave handles one of the manually operated cameras on the concert evenings, and also records interviews with the quests

Debby Salsbury
Debby controls the lighting on the concert evenings

Celia Barrett
Celia acts as joint hostess at the concerts, and also is involved with promotion.