Bands wishing to apply to play can contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ menu on the QWT main page.

Terms and Conditions for artists appearing on QWT

At this stage, we do not want to go deeply into any legal considerations, as neither us at QWT nor any of the artists are making money from this project. If the project takes off and we start getting substantial number of viewers, then sure, we will need to address some issues, but for now, we decided that during these initial periods that everything had to be done on a ‘good will’ understanding basis. As yet, we have no formal T&Cs, but prospective artists should understand  that, by agreeing to appear, you agree to the following:
1. You accept that the recordings are ‘as live’, as if it was a live broadcast on YouTube or TV, that is recorded onto YouTube. We want acts to go into these concerts with the understanding that the videos made will be posted online, even if they didn’t really 100% like the results, or think it was their best performance – just like if you were appearing on the original Old Grey Whistle Test, or Jools Holland’s Later. But…we can be pretty flexible, we just want to avoid people coming in and wanting to repeat songs until unattainable perfection!
2. You agree that we can use the videos or links to them (or embedding) on our QWT website and on the QWT YouTube channel, and for use on our QWT “compilation” TV programs, and maybe on promotional trailers and Facebook. They will be in the public domain, anyone can link to them. We will not use them for any direct revenue making purposes without your prior agreement. YouTube videos will not be ‘monetized’ so we don’t make money from them either. The YouTube videos will be published under the standard YouTube license. Essentially, you are granting us the right to use the recordings on our YouTube channel and for related promotion, and we allow you you the same rights to promote your band. Any commercial exploitation of the recordings by either of us must be agreed beforehand.
3. You yourselves may link to the videos for your own general promotion, for use on your website, Facebook etc as much as you like. We ask you not to use the videos for any direct revenue making purpose (e.g. making a DVD from them and selling it) without our prior permission (but we may be quite happy to let you do this, as long as we are credited, and we could provide you with mp4 files if necessary, though you would have to provide us with suitable media, such as a memory stick, as the files are large).
4. We plan to leave the videos on-line for as long as the project continues. They will be removed if there are issues relating to copyright, obscenity or any other legal issues, or financial issues.
5, The songs you play must be your own work, and you hold the copyright to them, or they are songs out of copyright. You agree that we can use the videos in the ways described above.
6. You agree that you will bring guests to form the audience for your own performance and for the others performing that evening. Bands and guests must arrive for the start, and stay until the last performance from the last band is completed. Your guests must be known to you, and you are responsible for their behaviour.
7. QWT concert evenings can have a great feel to them, and it is a bit like a party. Please have your band and their guests all bring their own refreshments and nibbles, and it is also nice to bring something extra to share.


The idea….and info for Artists wishing to be considered for playing at QWT:

In the spring of 2016, Quiet Wish started hosting trials of private evening house concerts of carefully selected original bands, with the intention of creating TV programmes of live music reminiscent of “The Old Grey Whistle Test”. We started calling this the “Quiet Whistle Test”.

The idea is to produce a series of programmes of quality live music which can be watched in a way one would watch music programmes on TV, such as The Old Grey Whistle Test, Jools Holland’s Later, and BBC4’s late night music documentaries. Our aim is to have a ‘season’ of programmes, published at around 10pm on a Friday evening, to showcase the wealth of talented musicians and bands that really deserve to be seen by a wider audience.

The target QWT audience will be the many people who enjoy watching and listening to quality live music, but don’t necessarily want to venture out – or would venture out if they knew which bands they would like to see, and just as importantly where they could see a great live act playing their own material.  QWT will enable people to connect with emerging original talent – an alternative to the controlled and somewhat invasive commercial radio and TV. This may in turn stimulate interest for some to attend other gigs by the performers, perhaps resulting in more and better attended music venues.

Due to the nature of the studio, the focus will be on smaller bands, probably unsigned, but of excellent quality.  We cannot accommodate acoustic drum-kits, but we provide a house Roland TD-30K mesh electronic kit, for drummers.

There is no money involved with this (neither for us nor the artists), but if the TV programme becomes popular, it will be free advertising for the bands, and it is hoped that, in due course, the pay-per-view video could create revenue. During the trial period, bands will be given links to the videos created, and can freely use them in their own promotion.

The initial trials will focus on the following:

Video/Audio Recordings of the concerts at Quiet Wish Studios. Each evening will feature 3 acts, hosted by Quiet Wish or Celia Barrett, and will each play a set of around 30 mins;

The sets will be recorded ‘as live’. Audio and Video will be mixed in pseudo real time, and each track mixed down in real time to an mp4 file;

The private concerts will feature an audience of up to around 30-40 people. This audience will be made up largely of friends and family of the performers. It is essential to the spirit of QWT that each artist brings a number of guests, at least one per each person performing in the act. This is a very special and unique concert, and it is essential to have that audience, and for all the audience to stay from the start until the end.

A YouTube Channel, free to view, will be used to publish a ‘compilation’ programme of around 30 to 60 minutes. Tracks will be taken from several concerts, and a band may have one or more track s played on a single programme (or an excerpt of a longer track for experimental or prog bands), or may be selected to feature on more than one programme;

There will be little or no post-production work on these tracks – they are ‘as live’. This is an important point for the performers to be comfortable with. It will be like the live broadcasts of Glastonbury etc. It goes out live, and can’t be fixed (indeed the option of actual ‘live’ broadcast is a future possibility);

In addition, to provide bands with potential revenue, the plan will eventually be to make each complete set available as a ‘Pay-per-view’ TV programme on Vimeo. Vimeo is a service that could well take off over the next year or so, as it gives people a chance to watch non-mainstream programmes on smart TVs and other devices, and gives producers and performers the chance to make money by offering direct pay-per-view, and allowing producers to feature their own advertising (unlike YouTube). The potential to generate revenue shared between QWT and the bands will help make this facility desirable and sustainable.

Should the trials prove successful and the facility sustainable, other aspects may be addressed, such as options to include text overlays, video excerpts and static graphics in the live videos. Also options for pre-programming these, plus lighting, camera switches etc, and actual live real-time broadcasts.

There is a lack of decent focused music on TV, so we’re sure there is a potential market for this venture.People that see a band they like on a TV programme are more likely to seek out that band’s live appearances, so the programmes can be seen as a promotional tool for music venues. Promotion and advertising of the programmes, and also raising revenue by including advertising in the programme, are areas which can be addressed in due course.

Quiet Whistle Test shows are currently planned to continue through 2018.


From the QWT Team : Carola Baer, Celia Barrett, Berni Hunt, David J Lambert, Gill Lambert, Dave Salsbury, Debby Salsbury