Night In (lyrics)

Night In (getting angry now)
(c 2011 David J Lambert)   

This song remains in ‘nearly finished’ form, from the initial idea conception in 2011, but is on the list to complete, record, and film sometime in late 2019.  A couple of lines of lyrics need changing, but other than that, the song stands up well to me now. It is about alcoholism, or maybe more about pre-alcoholism, where life’s stresses cause temptation to resort to the bottle. I expect a lot of us have been close to that place, and will recognise the picture of self-hatred, and self-anger when one cannot deal with it (getting angry now). The video for this song is pretty well already scripted, and will start with wife/partner walking out, and end with the protagonist seeking help (I like happy endings…).

There’s a bottle on the table, and just a single glass.
There’s a broken picture-frame, face-down, and a ripped-up photograph
Getting angry now?

You succumb to a temptation that you swear you deserve.

So you sit down, put your feet up, and pour a glass of Jacob’s Creek, or Lindeman’s Reserve
Getting angry now?

You wake up in the morning, sweating and in pain

You promise it’s the last time, never, never more again
You’re getting angry now? Are you getting angry now?

You say you want to beat it, but all energy is gone

So easy just to pour a glass,……..then another one
Getting angry now? You must be getting angry now? Getting angry now?

(instrumental break)

There’s more red in the cupboard, and more white in the fridge
Your chagrin grows, when you look under the dustbin lid. 
You’re surely getting angry now.

Bottles on the sideboard, cans upon the floor
Supply is everlasting through the supermarket doors
Getting angry now? Getting angry now?

Your face is all ruddy. You’re slurring your speech
There’s a bulge above your belt and your breath really stinks.
Getting angry now?  Getting much more angry now,? Getting angry now?

(instrumental break)

Your face is all ruddy, you’re slurring your speech
There’s a bulge above your belt and your  breath  really stinks
No-one ever visits, no-one ever phones
You’re a sad, drunk failure, and you’re gonna die alone.
Better get angry now.  Are you angry now?
Getting angry now?