Nice to You (lyrics)

The UK in October 2019 is a depressing place politically, for nearly everyone. The situation regarding Brexit (I hate that word) is still unresolved, and any of the likely resolutions are bound to have a very detrimental effect on our trust in democracy.

When we were asked to vote back in 2016, I was alarmed at the “black or white” approach to things, I was neither a ‘leaver’ nor ‘remainer’, but a ‘reformer’, who thought (and still thinks) that we should come together and actively try to address the faults in the EU, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Of course, that position made me (and still makes me) nobody’s friend, and everyone’s enemy. It is still the case though that few people know precisely how it all works, and how we can fix those things that make it unattractive to many. Our own UK governments have often used the EU to excuse their own failed agendas. Other countries in the EU also have problems relating to the way the EU currently works, and a reform program would have appeal to many. Sadly it is all now so polarized, with positions entrenched. Who knows what will happen now.

So this song, Nice to You, was partly inspired by that, but also on the analogy to every-day relations with other people. It is very clear to me that, when people meet and talk, then things can get solved. The modern way seems to be to throw insults at each other via social media, email or text (or in politics, via leaks) and if that continues, I believe we are all doomed. We need to come together to solve things like the climate change crisis.

(to be completed)