Previous Music

Music from David J Lambert (some music from previous projects)

Music up until mid 2019

Music from Quiet Wish (band) (from 2016 – 2019)

Quiet Wish, as at November 2017, were playing mainly as a 4-piece band, of Carola Baer (vocals), David J Lambert (guitars, loops, basslines, violin and synths), Dave Salsbury (guitar and synths), Matt Manning (drums). The repertoire is a mixture of pieces derived from jams, and other songs. The sound can best be described as ‘Floydesque’ or ‘alt-rock’, and there are obvious prog influences.

Example: Stone Wall (composed by Quiet Wish)


Music from Quiet Wish (duo) (from 2014 – 2017)

Quiet Wish duo (Carola Baer (vocals, guitars, keys), David J Lambert (guitars, vocals, loops,basses, drumloops and synths) ) played mainly as an electro-duo and occasionally acoustic. The repertoire is much more song-like than the band repertoire.

Example: Summer (Baer/Lambert)

Example: Quiet Time (Baer/Lambert)

Example: Natural (Lambert) – version as recorded with Carola Baer for Quiet Wish limited edition CD ‘Change’ (female words by Carola Baer)

Music from singer/songwriter period (from 2011 -2014 and from Aug 2019 onwards)

In this period David J started to produced a set of songs which were more direct social or political statements, and generally delivered with an aggressive, almost punk-like approach. These songs only current exist in demo form a project to complete them (along with new songs and older acoustic material) and record is currently underway

Example: Night In (Lambert) (link to be added)

Music from prog jams (2011 – 2013)

A set of jams from this period (David J, guitar,vocals, Pete Slade on guitar/bass/vocals and Shaun Finch on drums) produced some interesting prog-influenced material. Here is a totally unprepared 14m jamboree!

Example: Prog-jam No 3

Music from Spriggan Mist (2009 to 2011)

David J wrote a few songs while in Spriggan Mist. The song ‘The Park’, recorded on their first album, Caught In A Spell, was adapted from an earlier composition (called ‘Dogshit Park’), and is a recollection of thoughts relating to lost love while wandering around Parsloes Park in Dagenham. The song Faery Queen is a rousing prog-folk song based on a fantasy battle scene which could just as well have taken place in Lord Of The Rings.

Example: The Park (Lambert)

Example: Faery Queen (Lambert)

Example: The Drifter (adapted from a John Renbourn/Stefan Grossman piece)

Example: Widecombe Fair (Show Of Hands)

Music from Achilles Heel (2001/2002)

Achilles Heel was a short-lived band which arose out of the South Hill Park Blues Jammers sessions. the band consisted of David J (guitars/vocals), Craig Manning( keys,vocals), Patrick Wass(drums), Richard Whelan (bass and vocals), and occasionally Peter Wheat(harmonica) and Gary Webb(vocals). The idea was to explore our songwriting and take it a bit away from the blues to explore other avenues. David J’s compositions included On Your Side, Everyone Knew (but me), and Shooting Everybody Down.

Example: On Your Side (Lambert). This is the demo we learned the song from (there is a live version somewhere, but I can’t find it atm). This was written specifically to give some harmonica as well as sax players some decent contributions!

Music from singer/songwriter/folk period (1995 – 2009)

David J used to play around Folk Club nights, at Anchor Folk Club in particular, and also at Bracknell/Windlesham club, and an appearance at Caversham Folk Festival. He played a mixture of covers (especially from Jonathan Kelly, and guitar pieces from John Renbourn), and several of his own compositions, including Flying, Anyway, An Englishman, House For Sale.

Example: Flying (Lambert) – version as recorded with Carola Baer in 2014 for Quiet Wish limited edition CD ‘Change’ (female words by Carola Baer)

Older music (pre 2000)

As well as recording a few other bands and artists, David J did a lot of composing over the years, and created several “demo” CDs of these compositions. Normally these were built up as full band tracks, with David J playing all the instruments,  and generally only completed to a rough ‘demo’ standard,

Example: Burn (Lambert)