Lying In Bed (lyrics)

Lying In Bed (David J Lambert 2014 – 2019)

This song was written in essence in about 2014, and I have completed it recently, alongside a video script. It is, in essence, about depression, though probably about a relatively minor feeling of depression, rather than the very serious form of mental illness. It is sort-of how I feel sometimes. I’ve given it a resolved ending…. if not a happy ending. The video script for this is also almost complete.

After I initially wrote this in 2014, I subsequently used more-or-less the same  acoustic guitar riff in a Quiet Wish duo song called “Our Beautiful Home”. I find the original to be a strong song though, so don’t want to discard it (I like the Quiet Wish song too – same riff but a totally different feel.)

Lying In bed. Looking through the window.
Watching dark clouds glide through the sky
12 hours sleep, still feeling tired
Can’t seem to make up my mind

If I’m going nowhere, and the journey is over.
Nothing left to see, no-one left to love
Things that mattered yesterday, gone to dust and blown away
I passed my hand across the flame, and I got burnt

I’m lying here till there’s no more tears
No more tears to cry.

Still lying in bed. What the hell am I doing?
So much to do, and can’t seem to move.
Still thinking of you.
I thought we were ok.
Now I can’t trust any more

I feel so confused
Yeah, I got hurt, but was I used?
We remember things that happened differently.
And now we can’t even talk
Without cause to offend.
Two people who thought they would change the world
Now can’t even be friends.

I’m lying here till there’s no more tears
No more tears to cry.

Lying in bed. No more tears to cry.
I think I’ll get up now, and go outside.
I’ll close the door
I’ll close the door