Current Music/Film Projects

Music video for COP26: Shame

With the COP26 conference due at the end of October, it seemed a good time to create this 3 minute music video, which has references to climate change, recycling, littering, as well as a little bit of comedy too later on. The song is called Shame, and I hope that maybe it’s a better way to make some points without winding people up by blocking roads etc!

Garden Wildlife Project – released July 2021
This has been the main project for myself and Gill during the first half of 2021. It tells the story of some of the wildlife that visits our garden, including the treatment in the wild of an ailing fox. It is set to a score of original music, composed by myself, with guest musicians. 30 minutes in length, we are hoping it makes a good alternative to programs such as Springwatch!

Movie trials

I made a couple of ‘test’ movies (with Gill’s assistance) in 2020, which we ourselves find quite fun to watch, so maybe some others would too.

‘Castaway’, is a song composed in 2020. The jovial approach here masks a much more serious side relating to how people can be, for example: misunderstood, bullied, socially “ganged-up” on or the victim of jealousy, which leads them to desire to isolate themselves from social contact. Occasions where such things have touched on my life I have found to be very depressing, and I can see how such things can drive some people to real despair. Such a shame that some people sometimes can be really nasty (though often without realising the affect they are having). Beach scenes shot at Studland in autumn 2019, the rest during the 2020 lock-down.

More details here Castaway

Sorry Nights (Getting Angry Now) – formerly Night In, is a song first conceived back in 2011, and I have always thought it could make a good video. Very pleased with the ‘tone’ of this video,  and I think it could be quite effective, if ever given a ‘professional’ touch.

More details here Sorry Nights


To come: Not Alone, Soldier Town, Boy Racer, Nice To You, Lying In Bed

To come: TPOI songs: Tyrant, Time Of Life, Annelise, Serious, Butterflies

To come: covers-Sandwood Down To Kyle, The Sage, Sligo Fair, I Used To Know You, The Grave

Nice To You

Lying In Bed

Time Of Life