Castaway (lyrics)

Castaway (David J Lambert, 2019)

A brand new song, and admittedly motivated by those times when one feels that one cannot please anyone. No man is an island (said John Donne), but there are times when one feels it would be nice to be the only one on an island, when there is no chance of upsetting or annoying anyone. A similar feeling sometimes occurs to me when I imagine I am a solo space explorer, exploring new galaxies (to boldly go, perhaps!).

My demos so far make this sound a bit ‘country’….

I remember times we laughed at any silly little thing
Now those summer days have passed.
With no promise of another spring

Now there is no other way
We had our chance, we had our day
Time for me to leave this broken home
I choose to be on my own
So take me to my island home
From now on I’ll be
A castaway

It’s hard to bear the words you said.
Like daggers aimed towards my heart
Now we have deep wounds to mend
It’s best that we stay far apart