Saturday 31st July 2021

With the release this week of our ‘Garden Wildlife’ video (see this link: Current Projects), plans for the next project are underway, anticipating that Covid will not hinder things too much. As well as planning some short ‘videos with music’ (or more like ‘music with video’!) there are also plans to get a band going again. More info soon….

Thursday 20th August 2020

With Covid-19 screwing up the country, the world, and everybody’s plans, there has been a lot of navel contemplating all round. Music and musicians have been especially hard hit, and with any kind of meet-ups having some elements of risk (particularly for those more vulnerable), ‘lying low’ has been the order of the day, and probably will be for a while yet.

But it is a time to start new adventurous projects. For me it is looking at a prog/classical band, re-kindling study of classical violin, classical guitar and orchestration, and looking to play new original music incorporating elements of classical and rock.

The rock project ‘ The Power Of Inertia’ was curtailed before Covid-19, and still might be revived soon.

More info soon.