2nd October 2019. I have started to keep a blog ‘diary’ of musical and film-making activities, mainly for my own use to try and stop myself being too lazy, but may be of some interest to others. This can be found on the Blog page.



David J Lambert is currently composing and recording material for his first  “properly produced” solo creations,  both acoustic and electric music, and also creating storyboards for videos for the songs, and filming. Between August 2014 and June 2019 he played with alt-rock outfit Quiet Wish, initially as a duo with Carola Baer, then as a band, also with Dave Salsbury and Matt Manning. Quiet Wish disbanded in June 2019.

Having spent a career writing software for engineering applications, David is now semi-retired and is now looking at spending more time developing his previous pastimes (which have been mainly music but also video and photography) for personal enjoyment, satisfaction and fulfilment in his later years. Hopefully this will also be able to be used to help raise some money for charities in the process.

For some rambling, personal (and, no doubt, boring to everyone else…) details of David J’s life in music, see the Autobiography page.

Short Summary

Brought up in Dagenham (East London), David got his first finger-slicing guitar aged 11. In his teens, he began a life-long interest in recording, by using an old reel-to-reel tape recorder and a casette recorder to make sound-on-sound recordings, and later borrowing (from designer Peter Kershaw) a very early Drum Machine. He also dabbled with jam bands in his teens, and Steely Dan covers at Leeds University. More recently he was often seen playing his original songs in local folk clubs (especially The Anchor, in Byfleet, Surrey), and was heavily involved in a Blues collective at Bracknell’s South Hill Park Arts Centre, where he annoyed a lot of people by trying to get them to play folk and rock too. In 2009, he became guitarist in the early incarnation of prog-folk-rock band Spriggan Mist (with Baz and Maxine Cilia, Andy Wilkin, and Dave’s wife Gill). He recorded and produced their first album ‘Caught In A Spell’, and wrote 3 songs for the album, including a favourite in Faery Queen. Prior to meeting Carola and forming Quiet Wish, he wrote a number of songs in his distinctive solo style, and also did some prog-style free-jamming with guitarist Pete Slade and drummer Shaun Finch (of the Bounty Hounds and Crazy Diamond), belying his love for Gentle Giant and Gabriel-era Genesis. David also likes composing with video, including surround-sound and soundscapes. He also plays violin, and has played in Crowthorne Symphony Orchestra.

David J is also the creator and founder of the TV program and video channel called The Quiet Whistle Test