Thu 6th Feb 2020

This past week, I discovered Pat Methany’s music. This has thrown me back into listening to a lot of jazz music again, and including my old favourite from the rock/jazz fringes – Steely Dan.

I have always thought that Jazz really ought to be the music I should be playing, but I have had a mental block at the technical aspects, which seems odd as it is something I would have thought would suit me. In the past I have been on Jazz courses, but these seem to get stuck for ages in simple jazz blues, which never seemed to reach the key aspects (or probably I was just too impatient and fickle). I have always thought that the harmonic voicing associated with jazz is the beauty of the music, and something that appeals to me in other music too (English Suite by Duarte is a classical piece that I play that includes a lot of such harmonies).

So, my firm resolution is to embark on a study of jazz guitar, and to not let it defeat me. Here’s hoping that this resolution does better than the recent resolution to lose weight and get healthy. Too much continued stress in my mind to be ready for that quite yet, I think.

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