Sat 21st December 2019

For myself, the imminent solstice ‘return of the sun’ is always a cue for a more positive and optimistic mood change, looking forward to warmer months ahead.

Musically, things starting to take shape, and in particular, we have started working a lot on the ‘holistic’ approach, which I have always wanted to do. This involves the integration of musical pieces with displaying videos, using co-ordinated lighting, plus, for our QWT studio set-up, the automation of it all, including using midi for sounds changes etc. As a techy person (and sometimes tetchy too!) this is something which seems very natural, and we have the time to do it some justice at the moment. It is also a spur to the songwriting process for me, as one can envisage performance and video scenarios at the same time as composing the song and lyrics.

Band-wise, we have been discussing a few options, and there seems a tentative consensus on a plan to take forward. Having a break from band meets now until the new year.

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