Sat 30th November 2019

The last few weeks have seen lots of preparation and several songs mapped out for ‘The Power Of Inertia’. There is probably enough good raw material for an entire album now, so am now concentrating on getting everything developed and evolved. Taking a lot of inspiration from my two Porcupine Tree DVDs – Anaesthesia and Arriving Somewhere But Not Here.

Band-wise, nothing is certain yet by any means, and although there is the occasional session, there is a need for further development of songs first. Still not sure how this will pan out, but the default bottom line is that my main project will be a effectively a solo project, albeit a ‘band’ project, if that makes any sense. There may be a bit of “cross-pollination”, as it were, with me getting others to help me out, in exchange for me helping with their projects. But let’s see what transpires.

Elsewhere, very pleased with my new pairs of specs, and also with my new dentist. I have also managed to lose a stone in weight so far (but lots more needed).

Now need to try to get out more and see some bands. gets to be an expensive business though, which is a part of the reason why new prog music bands often don’t get much of a crowd. Somehow, we have to change that. Thinking caps on.

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