Friday 25th October 2019

I’ve been taking some video clips of a couple of beautiful trees (Acers maybe) on the local heath, as their leaves turn to red before falling. The first part I did a few weeks ago, and I added some backing music as a semi-improvised pastoral classical guitar piece. Yesterday I went back to see how the trees were doing – the leaves are a little redder but still holding on.

I spliced this footage onto the previous video, and then gave it a song backing, with full band, inspired by the grandeur of the trees, but also by their ultimate helplessness in the face of the power of mankind. Of course this power gets abused and we are now in undeniable catastrophic climate crisis (though still denied by some fools) caused mainly by the abuse of fossil fuels, the demands made by a rapidly increasing population, and politicians with their heads in the sand (up up their own arses). The song came together quickly, using some ideas I had in waiting. I hope to finish a demo of it in the next couple of days, and will share it if I think it turned out ok.

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