Friday 18th October 2019

A two-day trip to Dorset, to help with a few chores at Gill’s Dad’s, was combined with a trip to Studland beach. The idea was to try out some camera shots for the video for ‘Castaway‘. Surprisingly there were quite a lot of people about, on a day with sunny spells mixed with extremely heavy thundery showers. We managed to stay dry, and more importantly, keep the camera dry, but it was difficult to get shots giving an impression of a deserted island with so many people about. We could have used some bokeh to put them out of focus, but it was too bright to use the open apertures, and I haven’t yet got any ND filters. Lesson learnt, and another one learnt was that, if we want to get a picture of someone walking in from the sea, then it would be easier at low tide, or at least at a tide where the waves aren’t crashing onto a shelving beach. I got pretty soaked. Another session planned soon.

Now getting ready for an experimental music session here tonight – the first for a while, and feeling quite out of practice.

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