Wednesday 16th October 2019

I failed to repair the PA speaker, so now it’s either about £180 for a new controller board (which should fix it) or £260 for a whole new unit. It can wait… Managed to fix the TV though,

Another journey to enjoy, I hope – The camera has been upgraded now to support V-log to improve the picture to cinema standards. So, now will v soon be taking the first initial outside shots, which will be for a video for a new song  “Castaway” (details and lyrics here). Quite exciting, but have to be realistic – this is going to take a hell of a lot of learning to get close to a reasonable standard, and will no-doubt need to pay for assistance eventually. Will refrain from using actors for a while – just use mainly the cheap option of myself ! (Robert De Niro doesn’t have much to worry about there…).

Meeting up later in the week with Pete and Andy to see whether we have any vibe going to encourage us to team up for a new prog project.

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