Thursday 10th October 2019

It started with a buzzing noise from the speaker, that quickly got v loud and caused me to dive for the power switch. One of my RCF PA speakers had developed a fault. V expensive and probably not cost effective to get repaired professionally, so it was onto the web to see if anyone had reported anything similar, and found a diy solution. There normally is something for this type of thing, and sure I found that the likely fault was either in the volume pot or some of the transistors. Should be a simple enough thing to try, so parts being ordered. Annoying though – I also have a TV to fix (replacing capacitors) which I’ll do at the same time.

On the music front, I decided that, before I do any film shooting, I’d better purchase the “V-log” upgrade for my Panasonic GH5 camera. Colour grading is a new thing to me, and apparently makes things more ‘cinema’ by effectively increasing the camera’s dynamic range, and making colour grading easier.

Going to do some recording now – changed words to a couple of songs, and want to prototype some keys and drums. The ultimate aim will be to get a proper keys and drummer to play these parts, but I need to give them a vague idea of what I am after….. and of course I keep changing my mind!

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